We listen to you, find out what you really need. For instance, does it have to be an app, will a responsive (i.e. mobile ready) website do ?

We elaborate on your ideas. Get right into the detail of your aims.

We design and we deliver.

We are based in Hampshire / Dorset with regular visits to London / Shoreditch.

Don’t underestimate the amount of time, effort and investment required to enable clients to discover your app.

This is our recommended reading for budding app entrepreneurs from someone who has been through the whole process. https://github.com/adamwulf/app-launch-guide

There are many guides to pricing up how much an app will cost to develop. Here are a couple: http://howmuchtomakeanapp.com/ and https://www.otreva.com/calculator/

Taking over an existing app development is something we can help with after code review to establish feasibility.