Winchester Innovation Ltd are a UK based technology company.

Our PRM™ product for patient relationship management serves the healthcare industry, in particular secondary care NHS trusts. PRM is rapidly becoming the number one choice for UK hospital apps.

We provide a range of data visualization & logging solutions to industrial clients with applications in transport, civil engineering, marine and the energy sectors.

Founded by Brian Griffiths and Nick Thorne BEng (Hons.) CEng MSc whose combined engineering experience spans many decades, much of it garnered in Philips Semiconductors/NXP Semiconductors.

We have provided a range of consulting services since the company was founded in 2010. Many of these are described on this website.

This experience allows us to quickly understand your underlying technology requirements. We operate with a range of business models from product licensing through to fixed price quote to time and materials / agile. The approach is tailored to your particular business and technological situation.

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