One of the first questions our web app developers ask when meeting a new client is ‘do you really need a native app?’. Often, especially if the app requires continuous real time data updates, or is interfacing to a large data set that cannot be stored locally, a web app is a better solution.

A web app means the functionality is designed to run in the web browser on the device instead of natively in the OS sandbox. Web apps have many advantages such as being able to run across operating systems. So one web app can run on Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

We will generally use a framework such as Cordova / Ionic. On the server side we have used Microsoft with SQL SERVER, and Laravel on LAMP. But we are open to other requirements, or even taking over an existing system (following a suitable audit). One of our latest web apps includes use of Apache CouchDB to enable online/offline recording of data and tasks with auto-synchronisation when re-connected.


So please contact us to speak to our web app developers.