App Development Approach

  • Brief

    We listen to you, to establish what you want and turn that into what you need.

  • Elaborate and Prototype

    Our user experience (UseEx) experts create wireframes running through the product design. At this stage we establish any server and other requirements.

  • Develop and Implement

    Our experienced developers build out your app and server. We use an agile approach with weekly updates so that you can see what’s being built and guide the process as we build it out.

  • Launch

    We take care of the technicalities of hosting, publishing and monitoring your app so you can concentrate on your business.

  • Maintenance and Support

    We provide continued support and guidance to ensure your app continues to run smoothly through platform and server updates.

Native mobile app wireframe and prototype

App Development Tips

  • App Marketing and Discovery

    Don’t underestimate the amount of time, effort and investment required to enable clients to discover your app.

  • Learning about Apps

    This is our recommended reading for budding app entrepreneurs from someone who has been through the whole process. . The section on app monetisation is particularly interesting.

  • How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App ?

    Often asked and the answer often heard is “how long is a piece of string ?” closely followed by “it depends”. This is in fact because it really does depend on what the app is doing. It has been known for a single screen app with some native platform buttons and widgets for one platform only to be developed and hosted for under £2000. Meanwhile other apps linking into enormous databases with back end servers and highly complex content management systems all finished off with a highly bespoke look and feel could have a team of 6 developing for 3 years.

    There are many guides to pricing up how much an app will cost to develop. Here are a couple: and

    Caveat emptor applies when choosing a developer. Try to get independent references before you appoint. There are companies out there (particularly those high ranking on Google) who under-quote and under-deliver. Developing an app can be an expensive exercise, we have seen people end up with very little for many £10Ks by choosing the wrong partners. It’s often impossible to fix one of these projects, though we can take a look if needed.

    Approx 15% to 20% of your budget should be allocated to prototyping. A further 25% to maintenance and support.

  • Legacy apps
    Taking over an existing app development is something we can help with after code review to establish feasibility.