iOS is the operating system used by Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod range of devices. iOS apps are generally developed in the Swift or Objective C languages (or a mixture of the two).

We utilise the Xcode software development environment for iPhone App Development.

An initial consultation will be followed by a requirements capturing session. This will result in creation of wireframes and a navigation flow together with an outline requirement for the server side. This initial specification is yours to keep and can be taken to other developers if required.

We continue on an agile basis utilising the JIRA tool suite to manage a sequence of sprints resulting in weekly updates to the delivered functionality.

Discovery of requirements continues throughout implementation because it is almost impossible to foresee complete functionality at the outset. So time based billing generally delivers the functionality that you require when you need it.

iOS apps can be released to the client via the Apple Developer TestFlight tool suite. This requires installation of the TestFlight app to enable ‘one click install’ for beta versions.

Once completed to the required minimum functionality, your app is submitted to the Apple App Store review process. This typically involves a three to seven day wait. The App Store curators then check through the app functionality to ensure it meets with their guidelines (and there are many guidelines). Quite often they will reject an app with a resolution feedback note. These then have to be rectified. Re-submission after a rejection typically takes 24 hours.

We have been through this process many times.

An Apple Developer account is required to host an app in the app store. For a yearly fee you can use ours, or for a one off fee we can set you up with one. Do bear in mind that these accounts require monitoring or your app may be removed from the store.