This system comprises a set of monitoring stations situated along transport infrastructure. These contain sensors designed to monitor a stations environment and includes a GSM modem.

The units continuously monitor the status of the clients assets and send periodic SMS messages containing structured data (JSON) back to an SMS gateway (SMS gateways are used to bridge SMS messages  and the internet).

Incoming data is fed into our web application framework (built on top of Laravel – a sophisticated MVC framework built with PHP and MySQL ). The web application allows management of the various sensor sites and processes alarm conditions for each station. Should an alarm condition occur, the status is logged and an SMS message is sent out directly to the mobile phones of the designated response teams to allow them to respond appropriately.

There can hundreds of stations monitored at any one time. To make working with these more manageable, stations are plotted onto a map. Stations can be selected, and the user is presented with detailed report of the stations sensor network.

This project highlights how we can integrate your sensor design into a live SMS / IP web application with built in mapping and data visualisation.

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