The ‘Hawk OWL’ is an overhead wireless lookout system created by Spill Consult Ltd. It consists of a helium filled balloon with cameras mounted around the base. When tethered, the balloon is then raised to provide an aerial vantage point. Real time video is beamed back to the base station for analysis.

The base station is running a Windows 7 application developed by Winchester Innovation Ltd. This application allows the operator to view multiple streams of video. Digital pan and zoom is supported as are recording and file saving. Infra red cameras have been added as an option more recently.

Winchester Innovation used knowledge of Windows Software and video encoding and transmission standards to design and develop the base station application. It also includes software protection software.

The system makes extensive use of Windows video and media manipulation libraries.

“Working with Winchester Innovation is very straightforward. They say what they are going to do and then they do it.”

Stuart Gair, MD Spill Consult Ltd.

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