Bespoke Software, Cloud & Embedded Systems Development

Our Hampshire based specialists will listen to your business requirements, and help you develop industry leading quality bespoke software. With a UK wide client base, we have created many products and workflow systems for all sizes of organisations, public and private sector. We also develop cloud based and embedded bespoke software.

Your bespoke solution will be developed on the latest frameworks with long term support. We tailor the process for you, with cost / quality points ranging from a quick technology ‘proof of concept’ through to long term ‘industrial grade’ rigorously tested and maintained products.

Once deployed we keep your systems running smoothly through comprehensive maintenance and support options.

Our clients range from startups through to large public sector organisations such as universities and the NHS. We deploy a level of process appropriate to your needs and company culture, be it ultra fast rapid iterations or a longer term planned waterfall approach. Or even taking over an existing system.

All our development is done in the UK with extensive client contact and regular visits plus on-site working if required.

So if you require a database driven website, are interested in moving into the cloud, curious about how mobile apps can drive your business, have industrial processes requiring some new technology or just want to bounce around some wild ideas (see Skunk Works) then we can help.

Contact us on, call 01962 920 128 or via our contact form.

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