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Laravel, Android and iOS for Bespoke CMS and Apps

Over the last few months, we've been running a few projects in parallel all using Laravel back end with native Android and iOS app based front ends. Laravel (the 'Ruby on Rails' of the PHP world) is a stable and powerful MVC framework written in PHP. As such it's a great tool for quickly building a

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Bluetooth Low Energy in Background Mode on iOS

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) has been available since the iPhone 4S and iPod 5th Gen. BLE is a subset of the Bluetooth specification part 4.0. It's not a quick read. On iOS devices, BLE is programmed via the CoreBluetooth module which is pretty expansive too. Coupled with that, the latest radio sub-systems multiplex the antenna

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AWS RDS Database Migration

RDS is a powerful relational database running on the AWS platform. RDS makes it easy to scale and manage database engines whilst maintaining high availability. Using the AWS console, it's possible to complete complex administration tasks including automatic backup and automatic failover. RDS fully supports MySQL databases and it's therefore not surprising that Winchester Innovation have

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Product Definitions and User Stories

We've had lots of contacts over the last few weeks from a wide cross section of businesses. From Bluetooth Low Energy appliances to Near Field Communication in transport to consumer health care to autonomous vehicles to health research data. One things transcends all, the questions: What are you trying to achieve? What is the product you

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Heads in Clouds

All our apps and web services rely heavily on powerful server side processing. So we find more of our time is spent doing projects in/on 'the cloud(s)'. We mainly work with Digital Ocean and Amazon Web Services, and have also configured Microsoft and Google Cloud offerings too. Spending many formative (OK well 20's-30's) years configuring and

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Configuring Apple Push Notification Service

We develop apps for the three main platforms (iOS, Android and Windows). These all come with their own variety of notification service to allow you to send out user specific notifications as and when you need to. Windows and Android are fairly straightforward to set up. Apple's iOS is not. Known as the Apple Push

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