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AWS RDS Database Migration

RDS is a powerful relational database running on the AWS platform. RDS makes it easy to scale and manage database engines whilst maintaining high availability. Using the AWS console, it's possible to complete complex administration tasks including automatic backup and automatic failover. RDS fully supports MySQL databases and it's therefore not surprising that Winchester Innovation have

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Legacy Business Software

Our most recent projects take advantage of the latest 'hot off github' frameworks. Where we can pick from the likes of laravel, ionic framework, bootstrap, AngularJS and CouchDB. However, we regularly take on legacy business systems that are maybe not quite so modern. Two of which in particular spring to mind. The first, is a

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Massively Scaleable WordPress Sites with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We've been reading some very interesting stuff about what happens when we mix the latest offerings from Amazon Web Services and good old Wordpress. We may be guilty of 'drinking the kool aid' here. But it's tasting very good regardless. So, to start with, take your common or garden Wordpress site and drop it onto

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University IP Commercialization

Last month, we released the latest updates of anyTide to Google Play and Apple App stores. The main addition being display of tidal currents. This marks a further step in commericalization of the university IP. This is the fruit of detailed collaboration with the National Oceanography Centre (in Southampton and Liverpool). The University has the

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Custom charts using HTML5

There are some great JavaScript libraries available for adding charts to websites. Most make use of the HTML5 canvas supported in all modern browsers. Using third party libraries we can quickly add great looking charts to represent our customers data. Here’s an example of some of our charting in action. Sometimes however we’re asked to

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NFC Apps in Smartphones

I once spent many years (well about 2) slaving away inside Philips/NXP trying to pursuade: a) phone manufacturers to put NFC into something other than the Nokia 6131 (see Nokia NFC history) to drive applications b) app developers to deploy uses for NFC that would drive integration into phones In fact I remember corridor  conversations

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BGS Smartphone Conference

BGS Smartphone Conference Yesterday,  Nick Thorne gave a presentation to the British Geological Survey Smartphone Apps, Maps and Augmented Reality Conference about the anyTide app. This was a great opportunity to discuss the process of taking anyTide from concept to a published app. In particular, the steps of elaborating the user experience in terms of

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Custom reporting

Custom reporting Over the last few weeks we have been chasing up a requirement from a customer that is proving to be an interesting challenge. We have created an app that gathers a data set over the course of a week. This data is uploaded to server side mySQL tables as per usual. The next

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