Content Management Made Easy

Allowing users to manage their content in their own smartphone app in a way that is intuitive, but maintains the consistent look and feel of an iPhone or Android device is a challenge, but with the PRM™ Patient Experience Manager tools, Winchester Innovation have created a way to make this easy. The PRM™ content manager

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NFC Apps in Smartphones

I once spent many years (well about 2) slaving away inside Philips/NXP trying to pursuade: a) phone manufacturers to put NFC into something other than the Nokia 6131 (see Nokia NFC history) to drive applications b) app developers to deploy uses for NFC that would drive integration into phones In fact I remember corridor  conversations

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Hospital Patient and Visitor Apps

Hospital Patient and Visitor Apps As more and more of us carry smartphones, general hospitals throughout the world are switching on to their potential for: Improving patient and visitor experience Reducing 'did not attend' rates for appointments Reducing wait times Saving on paper use Hospital apps can contain contact details for consultants and departments. There

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