Hospital appAllowing users to manage their content in their own smartphone app in a way that is intuitive, but maintains the consistent look and feel of an iPhone or Android device is a challenge, but with the PRM™ Patient Experience Manager tools, Winchester Innovation have created a way to make this easy.

The PRM™ content manager is a web tool that allows users to edit simple building blocks that can be added to a smartphone app to present information in a way thats works best for them. Better still, the content can be edited and modified at any time without the app having to be updated in the app store.

The main building block of PRM is the ‘Info Box’. Content is created using a simple WSYWIG editor. If you can use a word processor, you can add rich multi-media content to PRM.

As new blocks are added to the editor they can be positioned using a drag and drop interface to place them exactly where you would like to see them in the app. Once you hit the publish button the next time the iPhone or Android app is opened it will automatically sync to the new data.

The front page of the PRM app allows the user to split their content into useful categories. Each menu item can be further subdivided using the content editor to create a tree of content that can be navigated. The content can be as rich or as simple as is required and can be modified at any time.


An important feature of the PRM™ Patient Experience Manager is the ability to create user surveys. Using Questions, Selections (multi choice) and Feedback blocks you can quickly create detailed surveys. Because PRM is context aware, there’s no need to worry about how to handle the infrastructure needed to collate and store survey data. The results of these surveys are instantly made available in the Web Interface. It’s a simple as that.

prm survey

Not everyone can write the software to create a smartphone application. But a good content manager can allow anybody to manage the content that an app presents to its users.

If you would like more information about the PRM™ Patient Experience Manager contact Winchester Innovation here.