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Bluetooth Low Energy iOS ANCS Bug Report

We have recently been working on a project harnessing the iOS ANCS (Apple Notification Service Center). The product is not yet launched and still under wraps. But suffice to say it is a battery powered device that remains connected to your iPhone and displays to you whether your phone has any notifications pending (WhatsApp, Facebook, missed

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NFC Apps in Smartphones

I once spent many years (well about 2) slaving away inside Philips/NXP trying to pursuade: a) phone manufacturers to put NFC into something other than the Nokia 6131 (see Nokia NFC history) to drive applications b) app developers to deploy uses for NFC that would drive integration into phones In fact I remember corridor  conversations

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Long busy summer

Long busy summer A quick update on some of the activities at Winchester Innovation this summer. We are now members of the Microsoft BizSpark programme. So we have been using the latest tools and software from Microsoft. And very good it is too. One of our current projects involves MS technology on board the Pieter

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Smartphone convergence in one picture

Smartphone convergence in one picture Wired Magazine have produced a great chart showing all the devices that have sprung up over the years and are now converged into the modern smartphone. Funny thing is that there are probably more than on this graphic. Anyway, here is the link: http://www.wired.co.uk/magazine/archive/2013/06/20-years-of-wired/convergence. During my time in Philips Semiconductors we

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BGS Smartphone Conference

BGS Smartphone Conference Yesterday,  Nick Thorne gave a presentation to the British Geological Survey Smartphone Apps, Maps and Augmented Reality Conference about the anyTide app. This was a great opportunity to discuss the process of taking anyTide from concept to a published app. In particular, the steps of elaborating the user experience in terms of

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