Last month, we released the latest updates of anyTide to Google Play and Apple App stores. The main addition being display of tidal currents. This marks a further step in commericalization of the university IP.

This is the fruit of detailed collaboration with the National Oceanography Centre (in Southampton and Liverpool).

The University has the IP and know-how. We have the engineering expertise to apply and commerclialize it.

Next steps will be to further facilitate use of the tide height and tidal current data. There is a tentative plan to package the APIs into Open Geospatial Consortium format.

One key area of interest for the tidal current service is in autonomous surface and underwater vehicles where the extra current information can be used in route planning to save fuel and increase velocity. Companies like SeeByte and Tekever might benefit from this new data source.

Meanwhile, check the next editions of Sailracer and similar magazines for some anyTide advertising.