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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Bespoke Software

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Bespoke Software The world is a highly competitive place, and any company that doesn't have a digital strategy to increase productivity is at risk from competitors who do. Every area of a business is a candidate for improvement. Bespoke software comes in many forms, from Excel spreadsheets costing a

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Internet Of Things Security

There have been some interesting stories in the press recently discussing how the proliferation of 'Internet of Things' devices are enabling certain forms of cyber attack. The basic problem is that in order to be 'connected', an IoT device requires a higher level of processor sophistication than dumber devices. Generally this is required in order to run some

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Web App Student Software Project

We have stumbled upon a great topic for a student web app software design project (hello Southampton, Solent, Bournemouth, Portsmouth), here's a 5 min overview of how it goes... A sailing club has a dinghy pound. In it are ~200 dinghies and trailers. Spaces are purchased on a 6 month or 12 month basis. The

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Legacy Business Software

Our most recent projects take advantage of the latest 'hot off github' frameworks. Where we can pick from the likes of laravel, ionic framework, bootstrap, AngularJS and CouchDB. However, we regularly take on legacy business systems that are maybe not quite so modern. Two of which in particular spring to mind. The first, is a

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Massively Scaleable WordPress Sites with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We've been reading some very interesting stuff about what happens when we mix the latest offerings from Amazon Web Services and good old Wordpress. We may be guilty of 'drinking the kool aid' here. But it's tasting very good regardless. So, to start with, take your common or garden Wordpress site and drop it onto

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Content Management Made Easy

Allowing users to manage their content in their own smartphone app in a way that is intuitive, but maintains the consistent look and feel of an iPhone or Android device is a challenge, but with the PRM™ Patient Experience Manager tools, Winchester Innovation have created a way to make this easy. The PRM™ content manager

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ESP8266 for some really low cost monitoring

I bought an ESP8266 NodeMCU module for £7 just to have a play and see what everyone is talking about. is one supplier (£6.57). It has a 80MHz or 160MHz CPU. And is very small (few cm x few cm). The SDK including GCC is free, and it has Wifi on board plus GPIO

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Bluetooth Low Energy iOS ANCS Bug Report

We have recently been working on a project harnessing the iOS ANCS (Apple Notification Service Center). The product is not yet launched and still under wraps. But suffice to say it is a battery powered device that remains connected to your iPhone and displays to you whether your phone has any notifications pending (WhatsApp, Facebook, missed

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Aerostat thermal surveillance software

Developing the C# aerostat thermal surveillance software to run in the base station for the Owls Surveillance aerostat has required a thorough understanding of the GiGE Vision protocol handling within Microsoft Windows. C# is a flexible development language, but bouncing around on the back of an inflatable boat running on a ruggedised touch screen PC, wrapped

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University IP Commercialization

Last month, we released the latest updates of anyTide to Google Play and Apple App stores. The main addition being display of tidal currents. This marks a further step in commericalization of the university IP. This is the fruit of detailed collaboration with the National Oceanography Centre (in Southampton and Liverpool). The University has the

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