As per usual, we’re busy on a number of fronts.

Most recently, putting the ‘social’ into a client’s Apache Cordova based cross platform app development.
This time, we’ve switched over from Laravel PHP to Django and Python. With the Django REST framework and rest-auth packages to implement some custom data models, security and other features.

It’s hosted in Amazon AWS, though we’re equally happy with Digital Ocean and Google Cloud.

Talking of hosting, as a side project, we’ve created a static HTML site to run from Amazon AWS S3 storage (with Route 53 DNS). With no server to maintain and pay for, this makes for an incredibly robust and service-free hosting solution for ‘brochure-ware’ sites.

There may be a much needed Anytide update coming soon too. And if anyone is interested in some global height-of-tide and tidal current prediction APIs, then please do get in touch.