It’s been a busy few months.

A new customer for our patient experience app solution (iOS and Android) ‘Health PRM’ ™ is receiving beta versions. Complete with a CMS, friends and family test feedback and results dashboard. Expect an official announcement very soon. (Little press snippet here).

Meanwhile we have been tweaking the well received Intelli Tork app. Your very own helical screw pile driver logging tool. I bet you didn’t even know you wanted one of those, but you do now :).

Also on-going are updates to the Lifemapper iOS and Android app, plus tweaks to the associated leadership development programme learning management system website, lots in conjunction with our partners Elevate UK.

Talking of partners, we were very pleased to help ASH Wireless provide technology for a successful show at Cannes Lions Festival for Studio XO that appeared on BBC Click (approx 2 mins in).

We continue to work with the National Oceanography Centre on updates to anyTide app. New features coming soon include currents, beta versions of which were used in the recent unmanned vehicle expedition fleet which set ‘sail’ from the Isles of Scilly last month.

Another fun project has been getting to grips with a very whizzy new data visualisation tool for a brand new customer. More on that tooling in a future post.

Plus we have many exciting projects in progress / starting off and in discussion. Ranging from bluetooth low energy apps to data visualisations to NHS/CCG care quality monitoring (which is probably why this blog has been a bit on the quiet side)…